Precast concrete fence panels & concrete panels that suit all needs

Looking for a precast concrete panel? As well as prestressed concrete fence panels we create panels to suit all needs. Our high quality products are made by pouring wet concrete into our specialty heated manufacturing beds, these come complete with self vibration and use minimum C40 concrete with straight Portland cement and 9.3mm pre-stressing wire which has been tensioned to provide maximum strength. The following day when the concrete has cured and reached the required strength, the strand is then de-tensioned.

Concrete panels block beam flooring Cheshire

Concrete panels

The concrete fence panel process continues

After the tension has been released, our products are then transferred to the concrete compression by static friction facilities that then give our panels the additional strength that is required. It is this process enables them to flex under load without detriment. It is this time consuming and carefully executed process that make our products unique from our competitors and keep our customers coming back to us time and time again.

Our products are crack-free when placed under working loads, as a result of this, they not only look better but are also more watertight which provides better corrosion protection for the steel often used with them. Many projects find that prestressed concrete provides the lowest overall cost, considering production and lifetime maintenance.

Our products don’t just offer a long lifespan, a fantastic look and durable material but they are also Designed to BS 8110 and BS 5502 part 22 1992, and are CE marked.

What do our concrete wall and fence panels offer?

  • Standard sizes made 15ft (4572mm) & 20ft (6096mm) long
  • Standard heights are 1’8″ (500mm), 2ft (600mm), 3’3″ (1000mm), 4ft (1200mm) & 5ft (1500mm)
  • Standard thickness’ available are 4″ (100mm), 6″ (150mm) & 8″ (200mm)
  • Any length made to suit individual requirements up to 23ft (7000 mm)
  • Double or single loaded

We also offer a ready mixed concrete service for your building project

Concrete panels Cheshire