Ordering Our Concrete Block and Beam Floor & concrete beams

Total Concrete Products manufacture and supply pre-stressed concrete T-Beams of the highest quality at competitive prices used in block and beam floor construction across the UK. Our Total Span TS150 is 150mm that is suitable for a broad spectrum of construction projects, it is a versatile and cost effective.

Our products are commonly deployed when building domestic houses, apartments, nursing homes as well as on commercial building projects.We manufacture our TS150 Beams using only the highest quality concrete that boasts very high strength and durability. They are designed to meet the BS8110:1985 standard

Block beam flooring supplier

block beam flooring suppliers

Our Concrete Floor Beams

Normally the construction of a ground floor involves pouring a large mass of wet, reinforced concrete onto the ground – this can be expensive, time consuming and weather dependant. Adopting the ‘Block and Beam floor’ method is a simple, cost effective and efficient alternative solution.

Our TS150 concrete beams can be laid across or in between walls, the gaps in between are then filled with 7N concrete blocks, these blocks also provide increased thermal qualities.

Further benefits of adopting this method of floor construction include:

  • Elimination of ‘bounce’ that often comes with timber floors, also ‘beam and block’ floors do not creak.
  • Good sound insulation qualities are also a bi-product of this method of floor construction.
  • Installation of a reinforced beam floor is simple, the technique used is easy to lean and execute.
  • When installed, the flooring is ready to be used as a working platform, permitting inner leaf construction work to begin, it is an all weather platform.

Block and beam floor enquiries

Should you have any question or queries regarding our TS150, please contact Mike on 01270 656016, or alternatively send an email to mike@totalconcreteproducts.com, we are always happy to help.

If you require a quotation please do not hesitate to get in touch, we will happily provide you with a no obligation quotation tailored to your project. Our quotations also come complete with a floor design layout for the TS150 that we supply.

Take a look at our a ready mix concrete service, perfect for any building project.

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